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    S.C Price & Sons is owned by Sheila Barnett and her daughters, Wendy and Deborah

    The business has been run in Ludlow by the family since 1943, when it was bought from Mr Davies & Mr Brown, by Sidney Price. He ran the bakery and shops with his wife, with the help of several of his 12 children! All this while finding time to serve three terms as Ludlow’s mayor.

    Sid passed away in 1977 and the business passed on to his sons, Gerald and Trevor, and daughter, Sheila. All this time, the bread was baked in a traditional brick oven at the bake house, across the other side of Castle Square, in Quality Square. As the ovens were unloaded, eager customers would look out for the bread being brought across the square to the shop. Deliveries were made around the town and surrounding countryside by horse & cart, then later by a fleet of vans.