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Price’s White Breads
All our white breads are made the traditional way: with a long fermentation, overnight dough using Shipton Mill premium flour. While other bakers use flour improvers, all that our white bread contains is good quality flour, water, yeast, and salt. Because we use better, more expensive flour, and put extra time and effort in to the bread making process, our white bread is full of flavour. You can taste the grain in the finished bread. It also keeps fresh longer.





French Baguette
Uses an authentic French baguette flour; we also add some wild yeast ‘starter’ which produces a characteristic crust and flavour. We trained with an expert French baker to develop our recipe for baguettes.



Our range of rolls
Price’s White Cakes are the most popular of our bread rolls, but we make finger rolls, dinner cobs, wholemeal baps, Welsh Flats, and seeded rolls daily.
We make bridge rolls and other varieties to order.

Malthouse Granary
Wheat flour with malted wheat grains is the basis for our wide range of granary-style loaves. We make large and small loaves, sticks, and cobs using our Malthouse dough. The wheat grains are gentle on your teeth!



Starting with stone-ground whole wheat flour, which loses fewer nutrients during the milling process, we ensure our Wholemeal bread is rich in fibre and rich in flavour. A tasty, wholesome alternative...

Multi Grain
White wheat flour is the basis for this bread, with linseed, lupin seed, and millet added to provide a loaf that is high in dietary fibre, vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium. Tasty, and keeps particularly well.

Ludlow Brown
Our own recipe, developed with the help of Shipton Mill; Price’s Brown bread features white and wholemeal flour, malted rye and wheat grains, pinhead oats, plain rye grains, and a mixed grain dressing.



Bavarian Sunflower & Rye Loaf
This dark, dense, flavoursome rye bread is made with 55 per cent white flour and 45 per cent rye flour, with sunflower seeds added to the dough and also used as dressing. From a German recipe.



Dark Ale & Walnut Loaf
Half-and-half white flour and malthouse flour, together with Ludlow Gold, a beer from local The Ludlow Brewing Company, combine with soft pieces of walnut to give a unique, rich flavour. Exclusive to Price’s – it’s our own recipe!



Green Olive & Pinenut Cob
White flour given extra flavour by a wild yeast ‘starter’ is the basis of this loaf, which is enhanced by extra virgin olive oil, green olives, and roasted pinenuts. Proved in a cane basket and baked on the oven bottom.



Light Rye Loaf
Tailored to the traditional English palate, rather than a heavier-style continental rye loaf, this bread uses 22 per cent rye mixed with 78 per cent white flour. A subtle rather than a dominant rye flavour marks this out as a treat.



Soda Bread
Wholemeal and white flour are combined with natural yogurt, salt, and bicarbonate of soda in this traditional, authentic Irish recipe.
A moist, dense bread that is ideal for those with yeast intolerances.

Best eaten fresh – ideally when warm.


Pain au Levain
Made in a 15-hour process; a wild yeast culture gives rise to this traditional, French sour dough loaf. Long-lasting, great for toast. Stone-ground whole wheat flour and white flour are combined with stone-ground rye.

 We also produce a white sourdough made with Shipton Mill Canadian flour

Sundried Tomato Loaf
Italian-style bread, made with extra virgin olive oil, white flour, tasty chunks of tomato and flakes of dried onion and a dash of oregano. A feast in its own right, it can be enjoyed with or without butter and is packed with subtle yet strong flavours.





Seeded Sourdough

White and wholemeal flours are combined with a rye ferment and six different seeds and an unusal ingredient a sprinkling of wild fennel pollen,to produce a flavoursome loaf that is perfect to accompany cured meats and cheese. A finalist in the Baking Industry Awards 2013