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Made to our own recipe with sultanas, cherry or plain, our oven-baked scones are fairly large, providing a generous portion for a traditional English tea.


Based on a sweet shortcrust pastry, these individual-sized tarts feature a layer of jam topped of by an almond-flavoured sponge with a crisp top.


Chelsea bun
Another traditonal favourite, and one of our big sellers, this soft spiced bun with sultanas and currants is made with demerera sugar and butter.


Iced and cream buns
Our range of sweetened buns are topped with fondant icing ,and for a real treat, select the option of a cream and jam filling.


Gingerbread men
A favourite with children, sugar-coated beans decorate a gently ginger-flavoured biscuit.


fruit pies - pics of finished pies to come
Sweet, shortcrust pastry is the base and these family-sized pies are baked with apple, apricot, apple and raspberry, apple and blackberry, blackcurrant or cherry filling.